Ann Williams Joins Students in Audubon School Walkout

As part of the national School Walkout Against Gun Violence on March 14th, Ann Williams joined students who walked out at Audubon Elementary School. The walkout happened one month after the deadly Parkland shooting as a way to pay tribute to the seventeen people killed in the massacre. The march lasted seventeen minutes, dedicating a minute to each victim of the shooting. The walkout also served to raise awareness around the issues of school safety and the impact of gun violence on students and communities.

Students nationwide participated in the walkout, even when faced with possible suspensions or other disciplinary actions due to school absence. In walking out with Audubon students, Ann showed her solidarity for all students participating in the walkout and raising their voices to say enough and push for national gun legislation reforms to prevent gun violence. Ann is a strong advocate for comprehensive gun legislation reform in Springfield, and continues to work to pass new regulations and safety reforms.

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