Announcement: 2019 Capital Bill

June 12th, 2019
Chicago, IL – Among the accomplishments of the 2019 Legislative Session was the passage of a $45 billion capital bill to address critical infrastructure needs across the state – long overdue improvements to our roads, bridges and railways (referred to as “horizontal” capital projects) and construction and maintenance of schools, universities, water infrastructure needs (also called “vertical” capital).
After much negotiation, I was able to secure funding for several neighborhood schools in the District as part of the vertical capital plan. I want to thank Alderman Matt Martin (47), Alderman Michelle Smith (43), Alderman Scott Waguespack (32) and Alderman Tom Tunney (44) for their input in prioritizing these projects. I look forward to continuing to work with the school communities and CPS to continue to identify further needs for our schools in the coming months and beyond. Additionally, the Lakeview YMCA will receive funding for deferred maintenance projects.
The details of the projects are as follows:
  • Audubon Elementary – Cafeteria Repairs – $200,000
  • Lake View High School – Electrical Rewiring/Updating – $600,000
  • Hamilton Elementary – Expanded Athletic Facility- $750,000
  • Ravenswood Elementary – Science Lab- $50,000
  • Lincoln Park High School – Refurbishing Classrooms – $250,000
  • Jahn Elementary School – Campus Park Project- $591,750
  • Alexander Graham Bell School – Playlot Resurfacing- $75,000
  • Burley School – Air Conditioning For Gym in Building- $130,000
  • Coonley – Gym Equipment & System- $10,000
  • Lake View YMCA – Parking Lot, Locker Rooms & Gym Renovation- $250,000

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