Rep. Ann Williams Celebrates One Year Anniversary of the Climate & Equitable Jobs Act

One year ago today, Governor JB Pritzker signed into law the nation-leading Climate and Equitable Jobs Act – a comprehensive clean energy package which put Illinois communities and consumers first.  One year later, implementation is well underway. I wanted to share some highlights as we reach this important milestone. -Momentum around the clean energy conversation continues to grow week after week, making Illinois well positioned to take advantage of new federal infrastructure dollars and resources – and spurring more clean energy investments in Illinois. -ComEd customers are seeing a significant refund on their electric bills as a result of the consumer-focused provisions in the bill, which provided for a refund of $18/month in response to high energy prices.-The City of Chicago has announced a program to ensure all public buildings will move to 100% renewable energy by 2025 – progress made possible by the installation of the largest solar project in Illinois. -The development of wind and solar assets in Illinois continues to grow; most recently 200 megawatts of new solar and battery storage projects were unveiled as a result of CEJA. -Rivian, the EV manufacturer headquartered in Normal, Illinois, is growing exponentially and Illinois is quickly becoming a destination for new and expanding clean energy businesses. As chair of the Energy & Environment Committee in the Illinois House, I have been working toward the passage of clean energy legislation for years. It took countless working groups, public meetings, legislative hearings with stakeholders, community members, environmental advocates, youth leaders, and others in an effort to craft a law which would move Illinois toward a clean energy future. But we did it. For the first time, we have a solid decarbonization plan in place for Illinois, ensuring a complete and just transition from fossil fuel power generation to a renewable energy future by having a carbon-free power sector by 2045, with significant coal and gas plant closures leading up to that date. CEJA will create thousands of new, equitable jobs and opportunities for communities traditionally left behind. We put an end to formula rates and provide strong ethics and accountability measures for utilities, and ensure affordable and reliable energy for consumers.  I continue to be grateful for the hard work of all those who have invested the time, energy, and commitment to make CEJA happen.  But the climate conversation is far from over. Addressing this ongoing and deepening threat to the lives and health of all who inhabit this planet will take ongoing, aggressive, and sustained action at all levels of government.  CEJA was just the beginning.  To learn more about CEJA’s implementation and the fight for a clean energy future in Illinois, visit the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition here 

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