Governor Pritzker Signs Wind Farm Zoning Legislation Sponsored by Representative Williams

Springfield, IL – Today, Governor Pritzker signed HB2988, sponsored by Representative Ann Williams. This bill clarifies laws regarding wind energy zoning in the state of Illinois.

In a statement released by the Governor’s office, Governor Pritzker said of the bill “I’m committed to putting our state on a path toward 100% clean and renewable energy, and this bill I signed into law today will help get us there. Illinois has over 3,500 megawatts of operating wind capacity, and under my administration, we’re going to further embrace our clean energy future and take bold action to combat climate change.”  

HB2988 provides that only counties and municipalities can establish standards for wind farm development. This simplifies and streamlines the wind farm zoning process, thereby clearing the way for increased wind farm development.

Rep Williams notes that she “appreciates Governor Pritzker’s support of this important bill. This legislation reaffirms existing law and enables counties and municipalities to enact wind zoning energy regulations, ensuring that our state can continue expanding our clean energy economy through the development of wind farms throughout Illinois.”

Representative Williams looks forward to working with the Governor in the future to continue passing clean energy legislation to help build on Illinois’ green economy.

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