Launching of Illinois House Democratic Women’s Caucus

On February 13th, Rep. Ann Williams, along with Rep. Deb Conroy and Rep. Kelly Burke announced the launch of the Illinois House Democratic Women’s Caucus (IHDWC). The mission of IHDWC is to elevate the role of women in public life by developing the leadership skills of Illinois’ elected women and creating forums for inclusive policymaking. IHDWC will advocate for a responsible budget plan to meet current obligations and further needs. In addition, it will focus on addressing systemic challenges faced by women in public life, including sexual discrimination and harassment.

IHDWC is committed to working with all members of the General Assembly to ensure that positive changes are made to the current system of handling sexual harassment claims and that the proper training, policies, and processes are put into place to ensure that Springfield is a safe and inclusive place for all government employees. IHDWC is committed to advocating for leadership, mentoring, issues and service projects that improve the lot of women both inside and outside of State government. Be sure to follow IHDWC’s Facebook Page to keep up to date on all that IHDWC is doing. 

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