Passage of Gun Control Legislation in Springfield

On Wednesday, February 28th Rep. Ann Williams, D-Chicago, voted to pass a number of gun control measures in the Illinois House. Included in these measures were HB 1467, which bans the sale of bump stocks and trigger cranks, HB 1468 , which creates a 72-hour mandatory waiting period after the purchase of an assault weapon, and HB 1465, which bans the sale of assault weapons to individuals under the age of 21. Ann Williams was proud to support all of these proposals, as she sees gun control measures as the first step towards addressing the issue of gun violence.

Another landmark piece of gun control legislation passed the House with a 64-52 vote and is currently on its way to Governor Rauner’s desk to be signed into law. SB 1657 passed the Senate last year and after the hard work of many advocates, organizers and legislators, it passed the House on Wednesday. SB 1657 creates the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, which would make it unlawful to sell guns without a license from the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. This legislation is essential to ensure that gun dealers are properly licensed and regulated within the state of Illinois. Ann has been working with various organizations, such as the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, to ensure the passage of this legislation.

To help urge Governor Rauner to sign the Gun Dealer Licensing Act,  join the Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition and the Illinois Council against Handgun Violence by singing onto their petitions for the Governor to sign the Act into law. You can also follow Ann’s Facebook or Twitter to receive updates on different events happening around the city that focus on calling for increased gun control and regulation in response to our countries epidemic of gun violence.


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