Protecting Household Privacy Act Signed into Public Act by Governor Pritzker

On Friday, August 27th, Governor JB Pritzker signed the Protecting Household Privacy Act into Public Act. 

Introduced by Rep. Ann Williams as House Bill 2553, the Protecting Household Privacy Act prevents law enforcement from accessing the personal data on household devices, such as Ring doorbells or Alexas, without the owner’s consent or a warrant. Rep. Williams worked closely with ACLU Illinois on this act to ensure that civil liberties in Illinois continue to be protected and updated according to the needs of the state. 

“In a rapidly evolving technological world, it is imperative that our laws keep up” says Rep. Williams.

The bill received overwhelming support from both Chambers and was passed unanimously before being sent to the Governor’s Desk. 

In speaking further with ACLU Illinois following the bill’s passage, Rep. Williams noted that “The bipartisan support for the Protecting Household Privacy Act underscores the broad support for protecting the privacy of Illinois consumers, guaranteeing that law enforcement continues to respect peoples’ constitutional rights when gathering information.”

You can read the official text of Public Act 102-0597, as well as the press release from ACLU Illinois. For more information, contact Rep. Williams’ office at or (773) 880-9082. 

The Protecting Household Privacy Act will go in to effect on January 1st, 2022. 

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