Read: Statement on the Reproductive Health Act

May 15th, 2019

Springfield, IL – “With alarming frequency, states are passing laws to restrict, and in some cases completely ban, access to safe and legal abortion.

Just recently, Georgia banned most abortions after 8 weeks. A bill was signed into law in Alabama to ban almost all abortions – with no exceptions for cases of rape and incest. Extremely restrictive laws designed to dramatically curtail access to abortion have been passed or are pending in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri – and state lawmakers across the US have introduced at least 250 bills to restrict abortion this year. These efforts are part of a deliberate plan to erode and overturn Roe v. Wade and eliminate the reproductive rights and freedom that women have been fighting for since the 1970’s.

Illinois has historically been a safe haven of reproductive healthcare in the Midwest. As our neighboring states pass increasingly restrictive laws on abortions, including heartbeat bills in Ohio and Kentucky, it is critical that Illinois shore up its reproductive healthcare laws and remain a refuge for women seeking these services.

Though HB40 was a critical step to protect access to abortion and extend abortion access to low-income women, we need to do more to ensure that when Roe falls, abortion remains safe and legal in Illinois.

I continue to work with my colleagues, advocacy organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Personal PAC and the ACLU, and grassroots organizers to push for passage of the Reproductive Health Act in Illinois. For more details on this critical bill, please visit the ACLU of Illinois.

The Democratic majority we now enjoy in Illinois was in large part facilitated by women, many of whom were activated by the 2016 election results. These women marched, volunteered on campaigns, talked to their neighbors, and made their voices heard. We must now stand together to ensure we maintain reproductive freedom. To get involved visit

It’s no exaggeration to say this is the fight of our lives. We can’t go back. We won’t go back.

We must deliver this important reproductive health legislation now to protect women in Illinois from the dangerous and devastating national tide rolling back our reproductive rights.

I stand with you to do just that.”

Click HERE to see video of the Illinois Handmaid protect at the Capitol this week.

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