Statement on the Chicago Youth Climate Strike from Rep. Ann Williams

September 19th, 2019

Photo Taken at the Illinois Environmental Council’s 2019 Environmental Lobby Day in Springfield

Chicago, IL – I am motivated, energized and inspired by the young people organizing and participating in tomorrow’s Chicago Youth Climate Strike.  Tomorrow’s event, which is part of an international day of action to demand action on climate, is quickly becoming a critical part of our push to impact climate change right here in Illinois with the passage of the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

The young people are rightly concerned about their futures, and the futures of our communities, our country – and our planet. Far too many policy makers are taking a cavalier approach as we watch the devastation of climate change unfold. These students are telling it straight – if we don’t take steps to address these issues now, the price to be paid will be heavy on future generations.

I stand in solidarity with these amazing young people as they push to make Illinois a leader in fighting against climate change and creating a clean, healthy and green future. It’s time to lead.

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