Expedited Partner Therapy for Trichomoniasis Signed into Public Act

On July 30th, House Bill 739, Expedited Partner Therapy for Trichomoniasis, was signed into Public Act. Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) is a treatment practice that allows clinicians to prescribe antibiotics to their patient’s sex partner(s) for treatment of STIs without having a formal medical examination.

As chief House sponsor, Rep. Williams worked closely with nursing students from the University of Illinois Chicago, who came to the office expressing the need for this change based on their experience working with patients. Together, they worked to address the gap in treatment and develop legislation to help patients across the state who are infected with Trichomoniasis.

Current Expedited Partner Therapy legislation allows for treatment of gonorrhea and chlamydia. House Bill 739 will expand the Sexually Transmissible Disease Control Act to include Trichomoniasis. Nearly 70 percent of Trichomoniasis infections are asymptomatic, meaning the infection can be unknowingly spread to others. Untreated infections may last for years.

Public Act 102-0185 allows medical professionals to more effectively provide care as we continue to recognize the impact of sexually transmitted infections on our communities.

You can read the official text of Public Act 102-0185. For more information, contact Rep. Williams’ office at ann@repannwilliams.com or (773) 880-9082.

The Expedited Partner Therapy for Trichomoniasis Act will go into effect January 1, 2022. 




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