Rep. Williams Receives at 100% Rating from the Illinois Environmental Council

August 21st, 2019

Chicago, IL – The Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) released its annual Environmental Scorecard this week rating state legislators based on their voting record on legislation affecting the environment during the 2019 legislative session. Representative Ann Williams (11th District) has been honored with a perfect voting record.

“I stand with the Illinois Environmental Council in taking action on climate change, fighting for clean air and water, and protecting our open spaces in my district and across our state,” said Representative Ann Williams. “I’m 100% in for the environment, and my voting record reflects that.” The 2019 Environmental Scorecard includes 22 legislative measures. Specific priorities from this year’s Scorecard include:

  • SB9: Coal Ash Pollution Prevention (Support)
    •  Already signed by Gov. Pritzker, this bill creates a regulatory framework for closure of
      toxic coal ash sites, requiring polluters—not communities—to cover the cost of clean-up.
  • HB3481: Kyoto Protocol Act Repeal (Support)
    •  Recently signed by Gov. Pritzker, this bill repealed Illinois’ antiquated 1998 adoption of
      the Kyoto Protocol Act that prohibited the state from regulating carbon and taking
      meaningful action against climate change.
  • HB2076: BPA Receipts Ban (Support)
    •  Passing both chambers without opposition, this bill prohibits the manufacture and distribution of paper with toxic BPA for banking or business records.
  •  HB2425: Removing Endangered Species Protection (Oppose)
    •  Failing to pass, this bill jeopardized endangered species by eliminating certain requirements for permits and limiting the state’s ability to protect species.

“At every opportunity, Rep. Williams voted in the best interest of our environment, and because of their 100% voting record on these 22 key pieces of legislation, IEC considers Rep. Williams an environmental leader in Springfield,” said IEC Executive Director Jen Walling. “We are honored by Rep. Williams’s dedication to Illinois’ environment and we look forward to working together in the future.” A total of 50 state legislators received an award for their voting record during the 2019 legislative session. IEC releases its scorecard in August of each year.

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