State Rep. Williams Refiles Net Neutrality Bill to Protect Open Internet Access

Today I re-filed my bill to protect net neutrality in Illinois (HB 1582). An open internet has never been more important; we must take whatever steps we can to preserve free and unfettered internet access in Illinois. In 2017, the Trump Administration rolled back net neutrality protections, allowing Internet Service Providers to limit consumer choice by adopting business models which permit slowing, limiting or otherwise manipulating access to content.

Illinois should join the growing number of states taking steps to protect net neutrality. My legislation, which is an initiative of the ACLU and supported by various consumer groups as well as labor organizations, is an effort to restore these safeguards in Illinois. The bill requires ISPs who do business with any state agency to adhere to net neutrality principles for Illinois customers, and to disclose any practices relating to blocking, throttling, paid prioritization of content, etc.

We rely on the internet for our basic needs more and more each day. Just imagine a day without online access—it’s hard to do! Without unrestricted access to the internet, we lose our ability to be heard… and to hear others. In short, it can dramatically jeopardize our ability to communicate freely in a free society. The time is now for Illinois to join the national movement to protect net neutrality and pass this important legislation.

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