Rep. Ann Williams talks about EVs on WGN Radio

On November 1, 2021, I spoke with Anna Davlantes on WGN Radio to discuss my legislative work during the 2021 Veto session. Highlights from our interview centered on electric vehicle incentives and growing the Illinois green economy. We addressed the challenges of implementing electric vehicle charging stations, and I spoke on my efforts to incentivize manufacturing companies to locate in Illinois. Our goal is really to ensure that Illinois is the best state in the nation when it comes to manufacturing and use of electric vehicles. We want to create jobs and we want to provide incentives for companies to locate here.

Anna pointed out that people are concerned about what will happen with old car batteries, and we spoke about how we have a plan for that in the bill – ensuring that they will be correctly recycled and disposed of in a way that will not pollute the environment. 

We also spoke about how we passed a bill recently that allows for a $4000 rebate starting in July of 2022 for consumers looking to purchase an electric vehicle. I think that’s very exciting and helpful for hitting our goal of having 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030. 

Thank you to Anna Davlantes for hosting me as her guest. You can listen to my full interview by clicking HERE.

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