William’s Wraps up Another Successful Session

Throughout this past year, Representative Williams has been working hard on issues that affect her district and the greater state of Illinois. With her help, Illinois passed a full bipartisan budget for FY19 which increases funding for public schools, ensures that critical human service programs are funded appropriately, completes long overdue infrastructure projects and restores funding for higher education. It also takes steps towards paying down the debt accumulated over the two-year budget impasse in order to restore fiscal stability to Illinois. Williams has also worked hard to combat the extreme and dangerous policies advanced by the Trump administration by ensuring environmental protections remain in place and standing up for reproductive healthcare rights. She has also helped pass meaningful legislation targeted at combating gun violence and has stood up for immigrant and refugee rights.

In addition, this past year Williams led the fight to help maintain net neutrality in Illinois following the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality regulations earlier this year. She believes that a free and open internet has never been more vital and sponsored legislation (HB 4819) to ensure that the internet remains a platform for the exchange of ideas and information.

She has also remained an unwavering advocate for access to reproductive healthcare. She cosponsored legislation to ensure Illinois women maintain the right to choose even if Roe v. Wade. (HB40/PA100-0538) Williams also stood up to the NRA time and time again by demanding laws to combat gun violence. She earned her “F” rating from the NRA through her strong support of common sense gun violence prevention measures, including the Gun Dealer Licensing Act (SB337) and the Lethal Violence Order of Protection (HB2354).

As a strong advocate for neighborhood schools, Williams also fought for an elected school board in Chicago and to maximize funding for CPS. She supported a plan to help reduce class sizes (HB5481) and continues to push for responsible and equitable budgeting for our schools.

Heading into summer Williams plans on continuing to build support for her net neutrality legislation as well as her other legislative proposals. She will also be reaching out to members of her district in order to ensure that their interests are being properly represented in Springfield.

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