Rep. Ann Williams speaks on Beer in Front Podcast

On June 23, 2021, I spoke with Dave Zalatoris of the Beer in Front Podcast. Dave is a constituent of the 11th District and a knowledgeable patron of the local breweries in our community. Our discussion ranged from clean energy negotiations and local business reopenings to our favorite beers and breweries in the District.

As we discussed current events in the District, Dave and I talked about my work surrounding the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA). We addressed the challenges of a shift towards clean energy, and I spoke on my efforts to engage with advocates and develop equitable solutions for energy workers affected by employment closures. Dave pointed out that Illinois continues to lag in placement among leading green states—and we discussed how with CEJA, the situation does not need to stay that way. 

We also spoke about one of the District’s finest offerings: beer! Dave and I listed our favorite local breweries, highlighting their largely successful reopening and recovery in the aftermath of pandemic closures. We agreed that it was the District community who made this happen, as they stepped up to support businesses and organizations through the difficulties of COVID-19. Our local breweries play an irreplaceable role in the 11th District, not only as spots for a cold pint, but also as tourist destinations, spaces for community gathering, and pieces of what gives our neighborhoods their charm and character. 

Thank you to Dave Zalatoris for hosting me as his guest. You can listen to my full interview by clicking HERE.

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