Rep. Ann M. Williams Receives an A+ on this year’s Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee’s Gun Safety Report Card

Last week, on November 23rd I received an ‘A+’ on this year’s Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee’s (GVPAC) gun safety report card. The gun safety report card is an annually published document that lists how your local representatives and senators voted on GVPAC endorsed bills in the most recent General Assembly Session. I voted consistently with every GVPAC’s endorsements throughout this most recent session. Most notably, I voted in favor of HB 562, which addresses everyday gun violence by expanding background checks to all gun sales in Illinois, investing $9 million dollars for mental health programs in the communities most impacted by gun violence and enacting other life-saving measures. On August 2nd 2021, Gov. Pritzker signed the bill into Public Act. 

As the 11th District State Representative, gun violence prevention remains a top priority for me and my office. I am grateful to be working so closely with such an impactful organization that is working tirelessly to put an end to the gun violence in our communities.

The Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee advocates for common sense, evidence-based, gun violence prevention measures that will save lives in Illinois. I am a strong advocate for smarter gun violence prevention laws that will make our community safe and I’ve advocated for tougher restrictions on where and how guns can be sold. 

You can check out the GVPAC’s report card HERE.

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