Rep. Ann Williams Interviews with Power in Place

Earlier this month, I met with talented student and 11th District constituent, Caroline Carr, for an interview and portrait with Power in Place. Power in Place is a project that seeks to increase female participation and exposure in public office, and documents the experiences of women in government through portraiture. In the interview, Caroline and I spoke about my path from the Iowa House Caucus to the 11th District, as well as my choice of Welles Park location for the portrait photograph.

I talked with Caroline about the symbolic role of Welles in the 11th District – a space for community gathering that persists regardless of season or circumstance. And at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic this unifying role was clearer than ever – with Welles allowing for community interaction to occur at a safe distance. 

Caroline and I continued our conversation with an overview of my path toward the 11th District. We spoke of my experience in the Iowa House Caucus, and how that position first demonstrated to me the powerful role that women can have in the legislative process. I am still dedicated to this belief – and in the Illinois House Women’s Caucus I continue to work toward elevating the role of women in public office.

“I enjoyed the people, watching the interpersonal dynamics develop. I watched how women especially made a difference and have a really powerful and relevant role in the legislative process.”

We finished the interview with my current role as State Representative for the 11th District. I described the importance of placing community needs and priorities at the forefront – and how my constituents guide my action over the various issues and concerns of our city.

Thank you to Caroline and Power in Place for continuing to highlight the presence of women in politics and government. My full interview and portrait can be found HERE

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