Rep. Williams Leads Hearings on Elected Representative School Board Districting

From April 24 to May 6, 2023, Rep. Ann Williams led the House Democrats’ CPS Districting Working Group in a series of public hearings on the Elected Representative School Board district map. Held both virtually and in-person across the city, these hearings served as an opportunity for neighbors and families to share input on the districting process. 

After much negotiation, the Elected Representative School Board bill was passed in Springfield in 2021. Since its passage, Rep. Williams has continued to advocate for transparency and accountability in the districting process. As a member of the House panel, she has met with Chicagoans across the city during these sessions and learned more about their concerns and hopes for an Elected Representative School Board. 

“Chicago’s new elected school board is a major step forward for representation. Moving to a popularly elected board is about equity for all Chicago communities, giving everyone a say and a stake in the future of our neighborhoods. Delivering on this goal starts with districts that reflect our unique and diverse communities,” said Rep. Ann Williams, who leads the House Democrats’ CPS Districting Working Group. “People in neighborhoods across our city deserve a voice in our schools, and using their insight to help shape the districts can make that a reality.”

During the November 2024 election, ten members of the Chicago Board of Education will be
elected by voters, and ten members and the board president will be appointed by the mayor.
Elected members will serve four-year terms, while appointed members, including the appointed
board president, will serve two-year terms. The board will become fully-elected after the
November 2026 general election.

You can view the proposed ERSB map here. For more information, you can always contact Rep. Williams’ district office at or (773) 880-9082. 

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