Rep. Williams Talks Water Policy With WBEZ’s Sasha Ann-Simons

On Friday September 8th, Rep. Ann Williams joined Rachel Havrelock, (Director, UIC’s Freshwater Lab) and Jen Walling, (Executive Director, Illinois Environmental Council) to discuss the future of water in Illinois on the WBEZ’s Reset with Sasha Ann-Simons.

“Our legislature is focused on the climate crisis, not just as it impacts us globally, but also, specifically, the water issue,” said Rep. Williams, who discussed the importance of effectively managing groundwater sourced from aquifers throughout Illinois, as well as ensuring that water diverted from Chicago is effectively regulated to avoid waste.

Rep. Williams also spoke about the 2022 Illinois State Water Plan, which addresses long-term funding of water infrastructure, water quality, and the climate impact of water use. As chief House sponsor of HB3046, Rep. Williams is also leading efforts to address water reuse in Illinois, an issue which she has noticed has been “gaining interest and traction” within the water advocacy community.

As Chair of the House Energy & Environment Committee, Representative Williams is committed to ensuring that Illinois’ water policies are backed by researchers and scientists, and adequately address water sourcing and waste.

To listen to the complete interview, please click here:


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