Rep. Ann Williams Given Legislative Grade of “A” by GVPAC

On Monday December 3rd, the Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee released its annual Illinois Gun Safety Report Card, which gives all elected representatives in our state a grade based on their voting record on bills relating to gun violence prevention. Representative Williams voted consistently with the GVPAC’s endorsements, and was given a grade of “A” as a result of her “outstanding commitment to passing transformative legislation in Springfield.”
Two major gun safety-related bills were passed in the most recent legislative session. Rep Williams voted in favor of both the Protect Illinois Communities Act, which banned the sale of assault weapons and required existing owners to register their weapons, as well as the Firearms Industry Responsibility Act, which allows gun violence victims to hold gun manufacturers for unsafe marketing and business practices.
Representative Williams remains committed to ensuring all communities are safe from gun violence, and is proud to vote in favor of common-sense gun laws such as those passed in the most recent session. You can read the GVPAC report here.

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