Rep. Ann Williams joins Annual RainbowPUSH Conference to discuss ERSB

On July 17th, Rep. Williams spoke about the future of the Elected Representative School Board (ERSB) at a panel hosted by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Chicago Teachers Union. Held at the annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition convention, this panel was an opportunity to discuss the history of community organizing around the ERSB and the current process of implementation. As an early advocate of the ERSB and the leader of the House CPS Districting Working Group, Rep. Williams joined Sen. Rob Martwick, CTU Vice President Jackson Hopper, Journey 4 Justice’s Jitu Brown and CPS student Angelo Baker to explain why it is so vital that the ERSB maximizes opportunity for communities of interest and meets constitutionality. She also discussed the House Working Group’s decision to extend their deadline, in order to further ensure every opportunity for community input to be heard. 

The Elected Representative School Board will hold its first election in Fall 2024. For more information about the current map-drawing process, please visit


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