Rep. Williams’ Bill Protecting ALPR Data Privacy signed into Law

On Friday, August 11th, Governor Pritzker signed HB3326 into law, preventing out-of-state law enforcement from accessing ALPR (Automatic License Plate Reader) data from Illinois State Police for the purposes of prosecuting someone seeking abortion services or tracking someone based on their immigration status.
As lead House Sponsor of this bill, Rep. Williams worked closely with IL Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias and lead Senate Sponsor Sara Feigenholtz to address privacy concerns for the growing number of reproductive health refugees in Illinois. As a safe haven for reproductive health services and trans-affirming care in the Midwest, Illinois is committed to protecting the privacy of anyone seeking legal healthcare services before, during and after their care within state borders.
Rep. Williams continues to advocate for and sponsor legislation in the House regarding data privacy protections, and the signing of HB3326 into law by Governor Pritzker affirms this as a shared priority for Illinoisans.
For questions, comments or more information on HB3326 and Rep. Williams’ legislative agenda, please contact or (773) 880-9082.

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