Reproductive Health Act Passes Illinois Legislature and Moves to the Governor’s Desk

May 31st, 2019

Springfield, IL – Today, Illinois made history by passing the Reproductive Health Act through both chambers of the General Assembly. After the bill passed the House, Representative Williams made the following remarks: 

“This vote did not come easily. It came on the heels of months and years of advocacy, outreach, protest, phone calls, and postcards. It came after countless women, donning the handmaid’s robe, came to the Capitol and kept vigil week after week. Ultimately, this vote came down to the tireless work by the advocates and activists working to ensure the reproductive rights of Illinois women remain intact regardless of the status of Roe v. Wade.

Rather than allowing the autonomy of women to hang in the balance – dependent on the political winds and the latest appointment to the Supreme Court – we are establishing an affirmative right for women to access safe and legal abortion in Illinois.

We are sending a clear message to the women of Illinois that we value you and your ability to make your own choices and control your own destiny.

It is a matter of when, and not if Roe v. Wade is overturned or significantly eroded. This bill is in large part about preparing Illinois for that day. It’s about ensuring that Illinois women have access to safe and legal abortion no matter what. But this bill is about more than that. It’s about establishing the unequivocal, foundational ability of women to control their bodies, their healthcare, and their lives.”

The passage of the Reproductive Health Act is a necessary step to safeguard women’s reproductive rights in the State of Illinois.  Representative Williams will continue advocating for access to healthcare and abortion care in the years to come.  To hear Representative Williams’ floor remarks on the Reproductive Health Act please see the video below: 


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