Rep. Williams Speaks at BIPA Webinar

Rep. Williams Speaks at BIPA Webinar

This morning, I joined Jay Edelson of Edelson PC and David Saunders of McDermott Will & Emery to discuss the future of data privacy in Illinois.

Our discussion centered on the future of the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), and the pathway to making BIPA better for Illinois businesses and communities. 

In 2008, BIPA was passed in Illinois in response to a data breach that revealed a lack of set standards around biometric information. The law ensures that Illinoisans are in control of their own biometric data and prohibits private companies from collecting it without their consent or knowledge. 

However, in light of the proliferation of technology since its enactment, it is critical to evaluate how this law applies and affects our current society. 

“Big tech companies are utilizing biometric collection in ways that we are unaware may or may not be appropriate. They want as much data as they can get with no regulation, and no attempt to compromise.”

As the Chief sponsor of the Protection Household Privacy Act, which prevents law enforcement from accessing the personal data on household devices without the owner’s consent or a warrant, I am committed to addressing the ways big tech companies have interfered with the privacy data of its users. 

In 2020, Illinoisans settled a $650 million lawsuit against Facebook when it became evident that the company was using biometric data without its users’ consent. Because of BIPA, Illinoisans had a protected right against this kind of invasion of privacy. 

“BIPA is not looking to limit technology use. It is looking to encourage people to use it responsibly and increase their awareness of how their data is being used and collected.” 

As our lives become increasingly impacted and influenced by a rapidly evolving technological landscape, I am committed to ensure that our civil liberties in Illinois are protected, and that individuals have the opportunity to understand how their data is being shared with the world. 

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