Representative Ann Williams Featured in Fortune Magazine Article

On December 26, 2022, I was featured in Fortune Magazine’s An offshore wind project being built with union labor could be exactly what energy workers need“. The article details the in-progress “South Fork Wind Project”- New York’s first offshore wind farm. The hope is that, by next year, Long Island’s power grid system will carry power by the 12-turbine offshore wind farm.

This project aligns with Illinois’s efforts to invest in its jobs and economy to better aid communities negatively impacted by the transition from fossil fuels. Journalist Jeremy Gantz and I discussed how the Climate & Equitable Jobs Act aids these efforts: 

“It’s not just about creating good, well-paying jobs, it’s about creating opportunities for wealth in communities that have traditionally been left behind.”

Landmark transitions to clean energy like CEJA – and now the South Fork Wind Project – work in conjunction with financial incentives to clean energy businesses and invest in our green economy. 

CEJA ensures that our new, green economy is fair, just and ready to provide for the hardworking families of Illinois. I was glad to speak with Fortune in raising national awareness of our state’s tremendous work thus far on the path to a 100% renewable energy field. 


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