Rep. Ann Williams Announces Highway Camera Expansion Bill Signed into Law

Rep. Ann Williams is pleased to share that today, Governor JB Pritzker signed HB260 into Public Act – a necessary step in combating repeated violent offenses across the city. 

HB260 narrowly expands the use of expressways cameras on the Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable Lake Shore Drive specifically for the purpose of investigating violent crimes. Rep. Ann Williams has heard from neighbors across the district with concerns about the recent uptick of crime, and is committed to responding in ways that carefully balance public safety with privacy concerns. 

As chief House sponsor, Rep. Ann Williams partnered with Senator Sara Feigenholtz to take action in Springfield – the result, HB260, is part of a larger package of crime bills passed in the recent legislative session to responsibly address violent offenses. 

In the Governor’s press release announcing the bill’s passage, Rep. Williams said “As concerns about crime remain at the forefront, we must ensure law enforcement has the right tools to keep our communities safe and hold violent offenders accountable. This bill, which expands the use of camera technology on our roadways, including on DuSable Lake Shore Drive, will allow for more effective policing while protecting privacy concerns and civil liberties.”

You can read more about the bill’s passage HERE.

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