Rep. Ann Williams Visits Thresholds’ The Living Room Program

On August 31, Rep. Ann Williams joined the Thresholds Chicago team to visit the newly opened Living Room: Forever Hope program space. 

Located at 4423 N. Ravenswood, the Living Room is a peer-led crisis respite center. As an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization, the space empowers individuals facing mental health and substance abuse crises to seek help. Mental health professionals are prepared to meet anyone who walks through their doors with compassion, empathy and next steps for treatment. 

While at the Living Room, Rep. Williams met with the Thresholds staff to discuss sustained access to funding, Illinois’ ongoing commitment to legislation that expands mental health resources and diminishing the stigma around treatment for mental illness. 

Founded in 1959, Thresholds is dedicated to helping people reclaim their lives in spite of mental illness or substance abuse. Rooted in empathy, they are committed to assisting with care, employment, housing and advocacy. 

To learn more about Thresholds and the Living Room: Forever Hope program, visit them at 4423 N. Ravenswood or click here.

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